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We are bridging the gap between consumers of financial products and financial professionals of color.  

Enhancing The Brand You've Built

Building a brand that reflects your unique mission and vision is essential to your practice and legacy. We want to help further amplify how you work with your existing clients and those who have not yet seen or heard from you. 

We plan to do our best to ensure that your name, face, and unique voice as an expert in financial services are shared with the world. We hope to work alongside each of you through our collective efforts as we build trust with those who want to seek out financial advice. 

Our mission is to ensure you have a place as a professional to share your story, financial expertise, and love for helping others. 

The time is now to be BOLD, shine BRIGHT, and BE YOU

How It Works For Professionals

Our Commitment To Building Trust

We'd like to have every financial professional on our platform. However, we must create a place of integrity and trust for those seeking financial professionals. Therefore, we approach each application on a case-by-case basis to determine eligibility.

**These standards are for all professionals on our platform regardless of discipline.





Our joy is to ensure we're helping clients find you most efficiently and establish a mutually beneficial relationship that allows you both to accomplish the goals

you each what to attain.

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Member Benefits

Enhance Your Brand With Clients

Partner Discounts

Increase Cross Industry Network 

Speaking & Media Opportunities

Access to FinTalk Live Corporate Wellness Program

And More...

Why They Joined...

"CHIP's values and principles embody the mission I am working towards daily and seeking the change I'm willing to create. From the moment I learned about CHIP, I know that I am not alone in seeking the necessary change within the financial services industry."

-Dominique Jordan

"For so long, the wealth gap was increased due to a lack of knowledge. CHIP offers professionals to bridge that gap with people that easily relate to their clients."

-Donte Lambert

"Having the ability to be a part of CHIP, while providing a way for individuals to seek out a professional who has their best interests is rewarding. My goal is to provide ultimate customer service and assisting individuals with making sound financial decisions."

- Jason Murray

"We’ve found a place where credibility and convenience come together for clear financial strategies"

-Angelica Prescod

"After 15 years in the business, I grew frustrated with being the only one in the room and seeing how the lack of representation has impacted the wealth gap. I could not pass on the opportunity to work with CHIP because it aligns with my professional and personal goals."

-Maurice E. Miller Jr., CFP®

"I believe that we are the most powerful when we are the most visible. CHIP is making us visible and powerful in finance!"

Rachel J. Robasciotti

"I've been in the financial services industry for over 23 years. I haven't seen the representation of African American females that I'd like to see in our industry. If I haven't seen it, then investors haven't either. CHIP will change that and I want to be a part of that change!"

-Reshell Smith, CFP®

"Financial literacy has such a major impact on lifestyle; where you live, where your children go to school, what type of car you drive, etc. It is imperative that the African American community is educated when it comes to making these crucial financial decisions and understanding how money truly works."

-Ericka Neville

Smiling group of diverse businesspeople going over paperwork together and working on a lap

CHIP Company

We have enormous dreams that CHIP will be a catalyst in supporting professionals in growing their practices and helping our company partners retain their best professionals.


It takes a village to succeed in the financial services industry, especially as a person of color. We're here to be an external champion for those professionals embarking on their careers and those that want to grow their brands.

Together we will inspire the current and future generations of financial leaders.

Where Our Pros Work