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What We Know.

Everyone wants to know what to do financially. Some of us even know what to do but still don't take action. It can be fear, lack of access, understanding, trauma, and the list goes on.

Done Deal

Our Pupose.

We created this series to empower you through conversation, understanding, and education.

To fully understand why you do what you do with your money, you need to start with your financial mindset. We want you to envision your life and your overall purpose first.

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Similing Team
Similing Team

How We Do It?

We combine open and honest conversation with education lead by experienced financial professionals. These professionals will take you on a journey that will help you better understand who you are.

What's Different?

Simply listening to financial presentations is short-sided and more like a bandaid. It's time for your voice to be added to the table safely and comfortably that is free from shame, judgment and gives you the ability to live financially authentic.

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How It Works

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Pick Your Cohort Size

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Lock-In Dates & Times

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Grab Your Buddies

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Let's Talk Money

Inside Our Signature FinTalk 

We believe that people have the power to become financial architects of their lives.

We must do our best as financial professionals to create opportunities for others to tell their own financial stories and embrace their own unique financial journeys. 

Therefore, to create the life we want, we must reimagine how we think about, talk about, and treat our money.

Financial Mindset & Personal Finance

We start with setting the foundation of whom we are with our money. Our goal is to ensure that we own who we are financial to empower ourselves to make better financial decisions for your budget.

Wealth Planning & Investing

There can be so many complexities to overall financial planning, what financial planning professionals do, and simply where to start. It can be overwhelming and a lot to process, so that we will break it all down.

Estate Planning

Talking about estate planning always sounds like it's only meant for those whose last names are Winfrey, Gates, and Buffet. However, that is a misconception, and we want to make sure you have everything you need to protect your future and your family's legacy.

Insurance Planning

Protecting your assets is a bridge to wealth creation. We want to make sure you understand how to makes sense of your own insurance types and what you can take advantage of to sustain your family's well-being.

Taxation Benefits

Taxes, taxes, taxes. Unfortunately, none of our professionals have a magic wand to make them disappear, but if you find one, please share it.

However, they have years of experience and the ability to make them more relatable and not so daunting.

BuzzFeed Executive

LOVED the different speakers, the diversity of speakers, the level of interaction, the approachability and ease in talking to these folks, and the level of detail of presenters!

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