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We believe in the power and importance of collaboration. Together we will become champions for creating more inclusive environments for Black and Latinx financial professionals and consumers.


The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is the country’s leading professional association of Fee-Only financial advisors—highly trained professionals who are committed to working in the best interests of those they serve.


Our rich history began in 1983 when a group of advisors simply wanted to serve their clients without muddling the relationship with commissions.


Since then we have developed high standards in the field and each advisor must sign and renew a Fiduciary Oath yearly and subscribe to our Code of Ethics.  It's all a part of the mission of NAPFA. The association provides support and education for over 4100 practitioners all over the country.

Young Businesswoman

At Justis Connection, we value Black lawyers and have made it our mission to connect people to the best attorneys - no matter what the issue.  We are a compelling force for good globally and have built a network of real-life legal eagles and authentic voices. Justis Connection empowers everyone to exercise their legal rights and connect with the best lawyer to get the job done.

When you become a Justis Connection member, you unleash a powerful partner in your business development toolbox that connects you to new clients, speaking opportunities, promotion through digital platforms, and so much more. Black Lawyers are the soul of Justis Connection as we position our lawyer members as subject matter experts and consistently promote Black legal excellence on our trusted platform.


As a Justis Connection member, you have direct access to those who are seeking your services and celebrate your prominence as a distinguished member of the bar. It’s time to take your practice and clientele to the next level with Justis Connection!


As a member of CHIP, you are entitled to a special 10% discount off the Paragon Partner membership package. 

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