The REPRESENTED series features financial professionals of color sharing their journey in the financial industry or sharing their knowledge of specific financial subjects.


The INCLUDED series features people of color sharing their personal financial journeys.


Our guests will share their thoughts, feelings, and first memories as it relates to how they view money and the financial industry.


It's time communities of color were heard and seen as more than just consumers of financial products...


...we hope you're taking notes!

Every Tuesday @7:30pm(EST)

Live Via Facebook & YouTube @ CHIP Professionals

There Is A Financial Professional For Everyone

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CHIP is not a broker-dealer, registered investment advisor, or any other type of investment firm. We do not sell investment products or give investment advice. We are not, nor do we need to be, registered with any regulatory body. CHIP is a financial technology platform building connections and bridging the wealth gap for financial professionals of color and the clients they serve. Your privacy is important to us, and your personal information will not be shared or added to a distribution list for further solicitation without your consent.